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Note: This list may contain unreleased (internal) versions of TriForce XP.

(10/19/09 11:51:48)

Inventory Matrix Report

- Show ALTERNATE/VENDOR PART/BRAND number in report break.

(09/23/09 18:03:32)

Enhanced Alerts System

Re-enable Inventory Matrix Alerts. They had temporarily been disabled.

(09/22/09 09:50:35)

Dashboards >> Shipping >> Pull >> Unpick Carton|Case Plan

Fix error:Variable 'FFITEMNO' is not found.

(09/21/09 07:27:41)

Entity Processing

Enhancement: Add Entity By Division to the Revenue Distribution Manager.
see version 2009.0728.1001 for details on Entity Processing.

(09/16/09 10:57:24)

Report >> Sales Order >> Order Fulfillment >> Our Reports
Report ID: D00641 Title: Master B.O.L.

Fix Error: File '...' does not exist.
Under condition: When prompted for Commercial Invoice.

(09/13/09 22:47:21)

Foreign Exchange Automatic Download

Optimized: Once data downloaded, reduced the time required to update the rate file.
- It should now take on average less than 15 seconds to update rates.
- Previously, it could have taken more than 2-3 minutes.

Dashboards >> Accounting >> Company Financial >>

Foreign Exchange

Setup Changes:
- If using FX automatic download, you cannot add/change/delete existing records.
- Added option to 'Load History'...can be used to clear the current file, load history and then do manual or wait for the FX automatic download for the current records.

(09/10/09 20:02:46)

Report >> Accounting >> Payables >> Status

Report >> Accounting >> Payables >> Aging

Enhanced: Show Vendor Invoice on reports
- Add option on selection criteria to show vendor invoice.
- Status: available for all reports.
- Aging: available on detail reports.
- Prior 'Invoice' on reports changed to 'Voucher'.

Dashboards >> Shipping >> Push >> Void Shipments
- Made Grid View modifiable.
- Added view showing Pack Plan Number and Company Name.

(09/04/09 12:13:12)

Batch Pick Slip printing from Auto-Allocation Pick/Plan

Mtce: Form and printing batch issue from advanced distribution. Ask for output type when printing batch.

(08/28/09 15:05:12)

Barcoded Lot Control Inquiry

Mtce: Added change/move of location. Like lot drill down in masters.

The Grid View has been made modifiable to allow you to adjust it to your needs.

Security New security object added to provide access to authorized staff.

Use: Ribbon/View/Tangibles/Item/Barcodes

(08/21/09 16:02:11)

Pick Plan Item Sub-selection

New: Item sub selection with new Setup ID 1295.
Setup Page: Sales Order Ship - Pick Plan
Setup ID 1295: Activate Product sub selection
Options: Yes/No
Default: No